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46% lash growth in 8 weeks!

Harnessing the power of nature & science.

Lash Revive combines powerful, clinically tested ingredients to boost lash growth. Safe, effective, and without harmful chemicals, this product gives amazing results and fast!

Lash Perfect - Lash Revive Growth Serum

  • After extensive research and testing across all hair types and ethnicities, this product has proven to be fundamental in the healthy growth of eyelashes.

    The serum includes a cocktail of active ingredients:

    • Red Clover Extracts to support the hair growth cycle and maintain the structure of the hair follicle

    • Triple-action peptide complex to help thicken, condition, and lengthen the natural lashes

    • Pro-Vitamin B7 & Plant Proteins to help smooth, soften and add volume to the hair.

    By improving the hair growth cycle, lash retention within the follicle is prolonged. The lashes that are in the actively growing hair stage (anagen) are held in the follicle for a longer time resulting in naturally longer lashes.

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